About Us

Hello and welcome to the Wiz Kids webpage!

Wiz Kids is the only store in Israel devoted to teaching and learning English, for native and non- native students. We pride ourselves on the breadth of our product line, our product knowledge and our ability to help students, parents and teachers find something that is just right for them.
Wiz Kids was established in 2002 with the determination that kids in Israel need to become proficient readers in English. Over the past 17 years our mission has expanded to include varied teaching materials to be used in and outside of schools, as well as to include a large variety of reading materials for all ages.  We have a wide selection of titles for all levels of reading and are constantly increasing our product lines with award winning best sellers.
Today Wiz Kids supplies workbooks and readers to hundreds of schools and libraries across the country and are regular participants at conferences hosted by the Ministry of Education.
My name is Hayley Glick and I am the proud owner of Wiz Kids. I have an M Ed in Democracy and Human Rights in Education, and have years of experience in education and school administration.  I have a deep love of reading and a passion for working with educators, to inspire and help students realize their own potential.
Our Wiz Kids team looks forward to working with you!