Bob Books Stories: SLR 1 - My School Trip

32.00 NIS

Take a trip to the zoo in this Scholastic Level 1 Reader from the creators of the beloved Bob Books® learn-to-read phonics box sets. Perfect for reading alongside the Stage 3 Bob Books box sets, or for any child reading at Guided Reading Level H.

Jack’s class is on a field trip at the zoo. There are so many animals to see… and so many animal sounds to hear! Roarrrr! Screech! Hoot hoot! What animals will they meet?

 Bob Books Stories include:

  • Words that children can sound out (decode); both short and long vowels
  • Sight words
  • Simple sentence structures
  • Simple, colorful, friendly illustrations that support children’s reading and add fun!
  • Longer stories than the books in the Bob Books box sets, which helps children build reading endurance

 Bob Books has been helping children learn to read through simple phonics and playful text and illustrations for more than forty years. Your child will soon join the millions of happy kids who say, “I read the whole book!”®


Publisher: Wiz Kids

SKU: 9781338814156