Classwords Vocabulary Game Gr. 2

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If you love game shows for their word puzzles, then you will love playing this fun word-association game! Each card has the goal word and five clue words. Your job is to get your partner to say the goal word by listing off the clue words one at a time. The faster, the better! Words and clues get more difficult as you go up in grade level. Here is an example from Grade 2: goal word is COAT, clues are jacket, warm, winter, zip and hood. You want your partner to guess in as few words as possible, so you can get more words before the timer runs out. A Grade 6 example is the word PRACTICE, with clue words: rehearse, play, work on, prepare and sports. This would be a fun travel game for families of many ages to play together.

Publisher: Wiz Kids

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