Come and Get It

by Reid, Kiley
120.00 NIS


A page-turning pleasure stylish, sharp and breathtakingly smart DAISY BUCHANAN Everything comes at a price. But not everything can be paid for Millie wants to graduate, get a job and buy a house. She s slowly saving up from her job on campus, but when a visiting professor offers her an unusual opportunity to make some extra money, she jumps at the chance.

Agatha is a writer, recovering from a break-up while researching attitudes towards weddings and money for her new book. She strikes gold when interviewing the girls in Millie s dorm, but her plans take a turn when she realises that the best material is unfolding behind closed doors. As the two women form an unlikely relationship, they soon become embroiled in a world of roommate theatrics, vengeful pranks and illicit intrigue and are forced to question just how much of themselves they are willing to trade to get what they want.

Publication Date: 2024/01

Publisher: Wiz Kids

SKU: 9781526632555