Eli Games - The Story Maker

80.00 NIS

 A fun card game that requires students to form sentences and create stories with single illustrated language elements. Characters, animals, places, items and actions have been carefully selected to provide an array of possible combinations. (CEFR level A2-B1)


The game allows students to expand vocabulary, learn grammar, use verbs and develop sentences. It helps students to practise a variety of language structures and also stimulates their imagination by making sentences and creating stories.


The game includes 132 cards divided into five different coloured decks. Each deck corresponds to a group of words: 20 purple cards with characters, 20 green cards with animals, 20 orange cards with places, 20 red cards with commonly-used items, 42 blue cards with high-frequency verbs. Each group contains two help Joker cards. The game also includes 60 reward tokens, a dice indicating the narrative genre, and a dice indicating the verb tense.



Distance learning won't be a problem with this game. The telling of an invented story doesn't require any physical proximity and the detailed cards are the perfect tool to support students in creating their stories. The game modes and the different versions included in the teacher's booklet can also be used during online classes and courses without any limitations.

Publisher: Eli Games

SKU: 9788853629975