Evan-Moor Heart and Mind Activities for Today's Kids Workbook, Ages 6-7

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Heart and Mind Activities for Today's Kid's, Ages 6-7 is a fun activity book filled with 100 activities that helps children to thrive in real-world scenarios, while partaking in positive, hands-on, and reflective projects. Activities include art puzzles, games, coloring and more!


These learning opportunities will help children:

 Learn empathy and understand others perspectives

  • Gain mindfulness skills to build better friendships
  • Develop tools to decrease anxiety and regulate emotions
  • Become aware of feelings and how their words and actions affect others

Paperback, 128 pages. Ages 6 to 7 years old.

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Series: Skill Sharpeners

Number of Pages: 144

Publisher: Evan-Moor Educational Publishing

SKU: 9781645141631