Explode The Code 6

by Hall, Nancy and Price Rena
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Explode the Code, for use in the primary and elementary grades, teaches the basic phonics concepts necessary for beginning through intermediate reading. Each of the 12 illustrated workbooks in the program contains a series of lessons of approximately 8 pages in length. These lesssons follow a consistent format designed to reinforce phonetic paterns in a sequential manner. Within each lesson children have extensive practice in matching, reading, copying, spelling, and writing sounds and words. Amusing illustrations, drawn by children, highlight the lesson exercises. The simple directions and consistent format allow students to progress independently. The workbooks provide teachers and students with an instructive and entertaining program to supplement any reading and spelling program. Book 6 focuses on vowel plus r words: ar, or, er, ir, ur, wor, war; dipthongs oo, ea, ie, oi-oy, ou-ow, au-aw, and we-ui-ue-ou; igh. Grade 3 Preview Table of Contents + Work Unit

Series: Explode The Code

Publisher: EPS

SKU: 9780838878064