Flash Cards - Numbers, Colors & Shapes

25.00 NIS
Three cards, three words, one picture. Introduce your child to the world of numbers, words, and colors with these playful puzzle cards. Put three cards in order to complete each puzzle and read the simple sentence. There are 18 full-color puzzles that will have your little one counting numbers, identifying colors, and recognizing animal pictures and names, like “eighteen black ants.” Flip the cards over for 18 more puzzles, this time revealing a short sentence with a number, adjective, and shape—“seventeen shy diamonds.” Have fun reading these silly puzzles with your child today! Fun Features & Big Benefits • 54 Puzzle Cards • 2 Parent Cards with game instructions and other ideas • Letters written in bold print • Thick, glossy cardstock • Rounded corners for easy sorting • Bright colors, adorable animals, and silly faces • Loads of learning for a low price!

Publisher: School Zone Publishing Company

SKU: 9780887432781