Horrible Histories: Secret Diary of Queen Victoria

by Tom Deary
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Brand new from the bestselling team behind Horrible Histories!

It's time to delve into the totally true (sort of) and incredibly intriguing pages of Queen Victoria's Secret Diary.

First! Terry Deary steps into the mind of one of history's most quirky queens, bringing you Victoria's thoughts on:

the Government!
incredible inventions!
Buckingham Palace!
the Empire!

Horrible Histories' Secret Diaries of the most extraordinary (and Horrible) characters of all time will blow your mind.


Horrible Histories' Secret Diaries are the perfect introduction to important figures from history.

Fully illustrated throughout and told from the character's (sometimes delusional) point of view, each diary reveals the (quite likely) inner workings of their minds during the events that shaped their lives.

Covering key moments in Victoria's life and the history of the Victorian era, the Secret Diary of Queen Victoria reveals her:

reaction to ascending the throne at 18
arguments with Prince Albert
experience of the open sewers at Buckingham Palace
thoughts on her enemies and allies

Each diary is the perfect introduction to a pivotal era in British History, brilliantly immersive and sure to capture the imagination!

Publisher: Wiz Kids

SKU: 9780702306662