ICR 2 - Amelia Bedelia

by Parish, Peggy
39.00 NIS
Meet Amelia Bedelia, the unflappable maid who does everything literally. With her purse on her arm and hat firmly on her head, Amelia Bedelia follows instructions to a tee: change the towels? Nothing a pair of scissors can't do! Dust the furniture? That's when the perfumed dusting powder really comes in handy. Dress the chicken for dinner - well, do you want a boy chicken or a girl chicken? Amelia Bedelia's well-meaning gaffs cause readers to chuckle, but her employer to fume - it's a good thing she's such a good cook!

Number of Pages: 64

Lexile Level: 120L

Reading Level: 2,5

Publisher: HarperCollins

SKU: 9780064441551