ICR 2 - The Grandma Mix-Up

by McCully, Emily Arnold
32.00 NIS
Pip's mom and dad are taking a trip. Mom asks Grandma Nan to baby-sit. Dad asks Grandma Sal. The grandmas decide they'll both stay and take care of Pip. But they can't agree on anything. Strict Grandma Nan likes a neat room and tuna with sprouts. Fun-loving Grandma Sal likes watching the ball game on TV and sending out for pizza! But Pip is used to doing things Pip's way...Emily Arnold McCully has created a delightful story of two lovable grandmas and the child who gets struck between them.

Number of Pages: 64

Lexile Level: 380L

Reading Level: 2.9

Publisher: HarperCollins

SKU: 9780064441506