Ivy & Bean #03- Ivy & Bean Break the Fossil Record

by Barrows, Annie
39.00 NIS
When Bean's teacher introduces The Amazing Book of World Records, everyone in the second grade vows to set new records. Bean tries stuffing her mouth full of straws, speed washing dishes, and screaming (with predictably disastrous results); finally, Ivy involves her friend in digging for dinosaur bones so they can become the world's youngest paleontologists. Barrows' dynamic duo is as appealing here as in the first two books, and emergent readers willidentify with their outrageous antics. Also intriguing are Bean's sister, Nancy (who never misses an opportunity to put down her sibling), and her ever-supportive dad, whose banana bread fixes almost any problem.

Number of Pages: 114

Lexile Level: 520L

Reading Level: 2,7

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

SKU: 9780811862509