Let's Find Momo!: A Hide-And-Seek (Board Book)

by Knapp, Andrew
64.00 NIS
Momo, the border collie previously seen in Find Momo nd Find Momo Coast to Coast not to mention Knappas popular Instagram feeda makes his board book debut. Upping the seek-and-find ante, children are asked to locate three objects in addition to Momo in Knappas 12 photographed scenes, which include an immaculately kept sewing nook, gymnasium, tractor, and VW bus. (Careful readers may also notice a teddy bear attempting to steal Momoas spotlight, doing some hiding of its own in the spreads.) Knapp puts care into the framing of each shot (including separate photos of each object to locate)a parents and children will enjoy poring over each image together.

Number of Pages: 24

Publication Date: 2017-04-18

Publisher: Random House

SKU: 9781594749582