School Zone Little Thinkers - Grade 1 Ages 6-7

by School Zone Publishing Company
29.00 NIS
Give your first grader an edge in essential skills and critical thinking! Dozens of quick, fun, and creative learning activities encourage looking—and thinking—carefully. Little Thinkers® have to compare, evaluate, and imagine. This 32-page workbook takes the basics, and with a whimsical twist, turns them into challenging adventures! A few examples: Sequence three images with what happens first, second, and third. Circle the clown that is taller. Search for vowels. Count coins to determine if you have enough money for a toy that is $0.55. These strategic activities sharpen multiple skills fast! Slip this workbook into backpack or tote as a super take-along for travel and appointments.

Format: Soft Cover

Publication Date: 2017-10-25

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 076645023568