Match! 3- Memory Game-Adjectives B

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There are three different versions of the memory game for different levels of the players. In all the games the cards are spread out on the table and the children need to find and match the correct pairs.

Level one- Children need to match a picture with the other picture- universal and versatile. Can be used in any language and at any level. When children turn over cards the teacher/tutor/instructor helps them with the word for each picture. This is best for younger children or for those who don’t read yet, since it does not require reading. Children simply learn to pronounce the word through repeating it every time they see the picture.

Level two- Players need to match the picture with the matching written word- available in English. Suitable for basic readers only, since this level requires some ability to read. It allows students to practice their reading and pronunciation all while playing the game!

Level three- matching of 2 pictures and a written word into a threesome. The third level is definitely not easy, but it is very challenging and exciting! Children need to find and match three cards (two pictures and a written word). Finding threesomes instead of pairs is not easy, and makes the game more challenging and suitable for older children. It also allows for more complicated game play. For example, if a player finds a pair he/she can take it. Then if someone finds the third card to complete the threesome he/she can take this card and block the other player from completing the threesome. At the end of the game players will negotiate and swap cards in order to try to get the most threesomes. This adds an element of strategy to the game to keep the more advanced students engaged.

List of words: Expensive, Rich, Cheap, Ugly, Poor, Beautiful, Heavy, Light, Loud, Full, Quiet, Strong, Empty, Weak, Wet, Dry, Closed, Open.

Publisher: SoftEnglish

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