NGR 1 - Amelia Earhart

by Gilpin, Caroline
32.00 NIS
Filled with easy-to-read texts and lots of photos, these books are the perfect way to introduce nonfiction at an early age. The large font and simpler vocabulary make "Amelia Earhart" an exciting and unintimidating choice for children just starting to read on their own. The pages are colorful and eye-catching, and small "in her own words" bubbles offer a true look into the life of this historical figure. "Anne Frank" is for more fluent readers. The vocabulary is more challenging, which suits the subject matter since it is definitely for older children. The volume is also packed with colorful photos that give a broad picture of where and when the child was living. Sections from her diary comprise the "in her own words" bubbles. Maps, time lines, and glossaries work well with the information provided to give readers a basic but fairly full overview of the subjects.

Number of Pages: 32

Publisher: Hachette

SKU: 9781426313509