NGR 1 - Caterpillar to Butterfly

by Marsh, Laura
39.00 NIS
Designed for beginning readers, this brightly illustrated book explains the stages of a butterfly's life as it transforms from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to adult. Clearly reproduced, enlarged photos make it easy to see details mentioned in the text. A typical double-page spread includes one or two photos, several brief sentences of observations and information, and an inset providing a definition or a mildly amusing riddle. While the final pages branch out to offer additional facts about butterflies, such as how they differ from moths and tricks to keep predators away, the book's main value is its clear presentation of a butterfly's life stages. A Level 1 entry in the National Geographic Readers series, this little book could be used for classroom research, but it also has broader appeal for nature lovers.

Publisher: Hachette

SKU: 9781426309205