Orca Currents Power Chord

by Staunton, Ted
64.00 NIS
I have to hear the sound, the real sound. It's time for power. Adventures in extreme music. At a Battle of the Bands event, Ace and his best friend Denny notice that girls like musicians, no matter how dorky the dudes might be. Having, so far, been severely challenged when it comes to meeting girls, they decide to start a band. Ace discovers that he loves playing guitar and electric bass. While Denny tweets their every move and their clean-freak drummer, Pig, polishes everything in sight, Ace tries to write a song that will win at the next local teen songwriting contest. It's more difficult than he thought it would be. When Denny brings a great tune to rehearsal, Ace is devastated that Denny, who rarely practices, is a better songwriter than he is. The contest is only days away when Ace discovers that Denny stole the song, and Ace has to decide if winning is worth the lie. Orca Sounding Teacher's Notes

Number of Pages: 128

Lexile Level: 460L

Reading Level: 2.5

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781554699032