Orca Currents UR Stolen (Ultra readable)

by Wilson, John
71.00 NIS

On a visit to a seaside town in Australia, fifteen-year-old Sam meets Annabel, who works at the local museum.

Annabel's interest in history is infectious, and Sam soon finds himself eager to hunt for the remains of a famous shipwreck that is thought to be hidden nearby.

When a storm exposes a structure, Sam and Annabel are convinced it's the fabled ship.

Soon all of the museum staff are at the site to check it out. But the same storm also destroys the museum's power and, when the alarms aren't working, someone steals the museum's most treasured artifact, worth millions.

Sam and Annabel are convinced they can help and search for the thief. They soon begin to suspect that there may be a link between the fabled shipwreck and the recent theft.

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781459830813