Orca Limelights Warm Up

by Leach, Sara
64.00 NIS
Jasmine used to love dance. Now she struggles to hold on to that love as her dance team trains for a big competition. Her teammates are bickering, and when their teacher suggests that Jasmine might not have what it takes to be on the team, Jasmine is ready to quit. At a particularly rough practice, she channels her anger into her moves, surprising everyone, including herself, with how well she dances. But the team is still falling apart, and it’s up to Jasmine to figure out a way to get her teammates to work together and celebrate the joy of dance.

Number of Pages: 128

Format: Soft Cover

Reading Level: 5.0

Publication Date: 2003-01-14

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781459804289