Orca Soundings Fastback Beach

by "Matheson, Shirlee
64.00 NIS
Miles Derkach is in trouble. Along with two friends, he stole a car and went joyriding. When the dust clears, he is all alone and his friends have left, leaving him to take the blame—and the punishment—while maintaining his silence. Placed on probation and sentenced to community service, Miles begins working for a man who after suffering a stroke and not being able to drive, has kept his beloved hot rod under wraps in the garage. Seeing a chance to learn more about cars and pursue his dream of becoming a mechanic, Miles helps to restore the car. When the hot rod is stolen and Miles is the prime suspect, he realizes that he must confront his friends and stand up for himself.

Number of Pages: 97

Format: Soft Cover

Lexile Level: HL620L

Reading Level: 2.9

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781551432670