Orca Soundings Kicked Out

by Beth Goobie
64.00 NIS
"This is our house and we make the rules, Dime. If we say you're home at nine, that's when you walk in the door! No excuses!" Dad shouted. Their house, not mine. For a moment, my eyes burned, and I thought I was about to cry. Then I got it under control. I slid a smile over my mouth and looked him straight in the eye. "Make me," I said softly. Dime is trying to outrun the horror of her brother's accident. Dime is fifteen and angry all the time. Her parents don't like the way she dresses, her boyfriend, her attitude. Her older brother Darren was paralyzed in an accident she walked away from, and Dime is sure her parents wish she were the one in the wheelchair. When the fights and accusations finally become too much, Dime moves in with her brother. At first she is overjoyed with the change of scenery and lack of parental control. But when her troubles follow her she finds that maybe it isn't everyone else who is the problem, and realizes that she has to start taking some responsibility for her actions.

Number of Pages: 92

Format: Soft Cover

Lexile Level: 520L

Reading Level: 2.7

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781551432441