Orca Soundings Refuge Cove

by Lesley Choyce
64.00 NIS
All I could think was that I was in over my head again. The guy had one hand tight on my throat and I was pinned down. The other hand held a knife. He was snarling at me but I couldn't make out anything. Then I looked in his eyes and noticed that he was as scared as I was. He was breathing hard and he was trying to say something. "You tell, I kill," was what I finally made out. Greg tries to do the right thing—and gets more than he bargained for. Greg is an avid sailor. On a solo trip off the rugged Newfoundland coast, he stumbles upon a family of desperate refugees stranded in a lifeboat. Fearing for their lives if they are deported to their homeland, the family convinces Greg to help them, and keep their existence secret. He promises not to call the authorities and takes the family home. When his plan begins to unravel, and the family flees into the teeth of an oncoming storm, Greg goes after them. A thrilling story that demonstrates the importance of community and the power of conviction, Refuge Cove is also an exciting adventure.

Number of Pages: 128

Format: Soft Cover

Lexile Level: 550L

Reading Level: 2.9

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

SKU: 9781551432465