Orca Soundings Yellow Line

by Olsen, Sylvia
64.00 NIS
Vince lives in a small town—a town that is divided right down the middle. Indians on one side, Whites on the other. The unspoken rule has been there as long as Vince remembers and no one challenges it. But when Vince's friend Sherry starts seeing an Indian boy, Vince is outraged and determined to fight back—until he notices Raedawn, a girl from the reserve. Trying to balance his community's prejudices with his shifting alliances, Vince is forced to take a stand, and see where his heart will lead him.

Number of Pages: 108

Format: Soft Cover

Lexile Level: HL580L

Reading Level: 2.4

Publisher: Orca Books Publishing

SKU: 9781551434629