Orca Sports ESL JHS Kicker

by Bossley, Michele
71.00 NIS
Izzy and Julia have been on the same team for years. Izzy is frustrated that Julia spends too much time cherry-picking and getting all the credit when they score. But when someone starts threatening the team and their home field is sabotaged, the friends must work together to find the answers. Why would someone threaten their star player? And what is the connection to a century-old train robbery and the rumor of buried treasure? Trying to solve the mystery and keep the team in the playoff race, Izzy and Julia find themselves in deeper than they thought, and in more danger than they imagined.

Number of Pages: 143

Lexile Level: HL620L

Publication Date: 2007-04-01

Publisher: Orca Books Publishing

SKU: 9781551437064