Orca Sports ESL Powerslide

by Ross, Jeff
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Casey Finnegan is a talented skateboarder. He lives to skate. At the end of his final year of high school, Casey is wondering what to do with his life. He hasn't applied to any colleges, and other than skateboarding, he doesn't believe he's very good at much of anything. When a young movie star contacts Casey and offers him the job of stunt double in an upcoming skateboarding movie, Casey is stoked. It's his dream job, and Casey jumps at the opportunity to train the star. But when word gets out about Casey's new gig, a local skater has other ideas about who would make the best stunt double.

Number of Pages: 151

Lexile Level: HL570L

Publication Date: 2011-09-01

Publisher: Orca Books Publishing

SKU: 9781554699148