Orchard Toys - Shopping List Extras: Clothes

by Orchard Toys
45.00 NIS
Add to the fun of Shopping List with more everyday items and lists, as well as the ability to play with up to 6 people! Children will also have fun matching and identifying the clothes they have in their wardrobe as they play this alongside our bestselling Shopping List memory game. The 'Clothes' extras pack is great to teach children about dressing for different seasons from spring to winter, including a variety of clothing from flip flops to wellies to scarves. This game is for 2 players (6 if combined with Shopping List) and is suitable for age 3 - 7 years. Please note: Shopping List Clothes is most fun when combined with Shopping List to increase players and items. Clothes extras pack can be used to extend the gameplay of Shopping List. Adds to Orchard Toys bestselling Shopping List game Learn about clothes for different seasons Suitable for ages 3-7

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