PYR 2 - Letting Go Loopy Coop Hens

by Stoeke, Janet Morgan
32.00 NIS
Go on a laugh-out-loud adventure with the hens of Loopy Coop Farm. Pip, Midge, and Dot, the lovable, goofy hens of Loopy Coop Farm, are back in their third adventure. This time they wrestle with the age old question: Why do apples fall? On their way to their own unique conclusion, they are first scared silly, then end up just acting silly. Showing bravery, curiosity, and loyalty to each other, these three irresistible hens will inspire young ones to face their own funny fears. With easy-to-read text and charmingly comic illustrations, this read-aloud is the perfect combination of sweetness and whimsy.

Format: Soft Cover

Publisher: Penguin Group

SKU: 9780448484587