Regipio: What Would Happen If... 4 Games in One (2nd. Conditional)

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Play and learn with the Second Conditional!

The game enables effective learning and consolidation of the Second Conditional, providing diverse exercises and tasks related to this grammatical structure. Players create and answer questions.

Four Games in One: The set includes four different card games, each focused on learning the Second Conditional.

It is a comprehensive tool that provides diverse educational experiences.

"What would happen if hens laid chocolate eggs and people walked on hands?"

Imagining comical and unbelievable situations, you will effortlessly master the Second Conditional.

4 games: ‘Black Peter’, ‘The Chain’, ‘What would happen if…?’, ‘Shower of Questions’.

Contents: 101 cards

Number of players: 1-10

Publisher: Regipio

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