Scholastic Phonics Readers 11: The Shiny Trophy

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This title is part of a brand new set of phonically decodable reading books perfect for very early readers. These expertly levelled stories are engaging, and are exactly matched to Little Wandle Letters & Sounds Revised, used in schools across the UK.

The series includes a wide selection of diverse and inclusive stories, accompanied by bright, contemporary and humorous illustrations that will engage and inspire young readers with a ‘find the character’ feature on each spread.

The artwork is detailed so as not to provide picture cues and prompting. Each book also contains parent’s notes and a ‘retell the story’ task to support children’s oracy, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Thirteen sets of books covering groups of sounds to allow for progression.

The stories in this set focus on the sounds found in Scholastic Set 11 and revise the sounds found in previous sets.

Focus: /ee/ y (funny); /e/ ea (head); /w/ wh (wheel); /oa/ oe ou (toe, shoulder); /igh/ y (fly); /oa/ ow (snow); /j/ g (giant); /f/ ph (phone); /l/ le (apple); /l/ al (metal); /s/ c (ice); /v/ ve (give); /u/ o-e o ou (some, mother, young); /z/ se (cheese); /s/ se ce (mouse, fence); /ee/ ey (donkey); /oo/ ui, ou (fruit, soup)

Publisher: Scholastic

SKU: 9780702309199