Skill Sharpeners Reading Grade 6

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Skill Sharpeners Reading, Grade 6+ provides 12 motivating fiction and nonfiction stories. For example:

Fiction Stories:

  • "Hercules and the Many-Headed Hydra"
  • "A Clever Jester Fools a King"
  • "The Sausage"

 Nonfiction Stories:

  • "The Terra Cotta Warriors: An Army of Clay"
  • "Animal Partnerships"
  • "Deborah Sampson, Revolutionary Soldier"

Activity pages include:

  • comprehension questions
  • a vocabulary exercise for every story

Other skills addressed include the following:

  • critical thinking
  • interpreting graphic information
  • using a dictionary
  • summarizing

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Series: Skill Sharpeners

Number of Pages: 144

Publisher: Evan-Moor Educational Publishing

SKU: 9781596730427