Skill Sharpeners STEAM Gr. 3

by Evan-Moor
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Engage children in solving real-world problems with Skill Sharpeners: STEAM. STEAM is an approach to project-based learning that uses science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to engage children in empathizing, thinking critically, collaborating, and coming up with solutions to solve real-world problems.

 Skill Sharpeners: STEAM is where creativity meets academics. Each unit includes a fun hands-on STEAM project that encourages children to enjoy the journey of creating and sharing his or her solution to help create a better world.

Each unit includes a grade-appropriate story or nonfiction reading article, a STEAM task to solve, and activities that provide an integrated approach to learning:

  • Science: important concepts and vocabulary related to the unit’s theme
  • Technology: models about how technology is applied in the real world
  • Engineering: examples of engineering solutions in the world
  • Art: creative solutions through art projects
  • Math: math operations to figure out solutions


Publisher: Evan-Moor Educational Publishing

SKU: 9781645140825