Tell It True

by Lockette, Tim
96.00 NIS


Lisa Rives had higher expectations for sophomore year. Her mom and dad are distracted, her friend Preethy seems to be drifting away, and Lisa’s school days feel like nothing more than a waiting period until graduation. But when a teacher recruits her to run the high school newspaper, Lisa decides to cover a "real" story—the upcoming execution of a local man charged with murder—and becomes a surprise news story herself, forcing her to learn some hard lessons about friendship and truth-telling. As she navigates the dilemmas and unintended consequences of journalism, Lisa finds her life—and her convictions--changing in ways she couldn't have imagined. Tell It True will inspire young reporters everywhere with this very real story about the importance of speaking the truth in a world of denial and fake news.

Number of Pages: 192

Publication Date: 2023/11

Publisher: PenguinRandomHouse

SKU: 9781644213117