The Baby-Sitters Club #22-Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

by Martin, Ann M
45.00 NIS
America's favorite series returns with a new look and a Netflix tv show.

The Mancusis don't have any kids . . . but they sure have a lot of pets! So when they're desperate for a sitter, whom do they call? The Baby-sitters Club!

Kristy's insulted. The Baby-sitters don't pet-sit. But Jessi's always liked animals, and she talks Kristy into letting her have the job.

With snakes on the loose and sick hamsters, Jessi's got plenty of pet-sitting troubles. And the Baby-sitters aren't making life any easier for her when they get into a big fight.

Will Jessi be able to handle her pet-sitting job when things are going wrong with the baby-sitters, too?

Number of Pages: 176

Lexile Level: 630L

Reading Level: 3.7

Publisher: Scholastic

SKU: 9781338814781