The Updated Perfecting Module E Grades 10-12 (4 & 5 Points)

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THE UPDATED PERFECTING MODULE E offers a comprehensive practice book for students taking the new Module E.
The book includes ten papers, each of which has a text followed by a variety of questions and five matching NEW vocabulary exercises based on
Band III Core 1, in accordance with latest requirements of the English Inspectorate.
Texts and questions are color coded to facilitate written reception.

At the end of each paper you will find an enrichment activity under the heading Did You Know? designed to enhance students’ understanding of confusing words or expressions, taken from the texts.

In the last section of the book, students are offered supplementary vocabulary activities that practice additional words from the word lists.

All of the above provide ample practice of the skills and vocabulary required for the new Module E.

Publisher: Wiz Kids

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