School Zone Tracing Trails Pre-Writing Skills

29.00 NIS
Whether holding a pencil or a crayon, your child’s attention will be focused on this Little Hand Helper Workbook. Each one-page lesson helps children gain valuable hand/eye coordination and other pre-writing skills. Letter-tracing exercises help your child recognize everyday signs and shapes, while the challenging assortment of mazes takes your child on fun-filled adventures that improve their coordination. Help your child build a solid foundation for learning letters and numbers with Tracing Trails Pre-Writing Skills. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as a line well traced! Fun Features & Big Benefits: • Loveable illustrations that call for child interaction • Playful, full-color page format • Letters written in clear, block-style • Flexible, thick-coated cover • Clear instructions on every page • Parent guide inside front cover • Certificate of achievement rewards your child • Affordable learning

Publisher: School Zone

SKU: 9781601591173