Wish Series: A Batch Made in Heaven

by Nelson, Suzanne
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Scrumptious recipes... a family secret... and one smart cookie ready for a challenge!

 Mina is excited to start her mentorship at A Batch Made in Heaven, the bakery in her hometown that's famous for their inventive cookies. Mina dreams of becoming a baker herself someday. But there's a problem. Flynn, the (undeniably cute) son of the owner, won't let Mina into the kitchen: the top secret Cookie Vault. If Mina can't bake, then she can't enter the big cookie competition... and if she can't enter, she'll never win the money to help her dad open the restaurant he's always wanted.

 What secret is Flynn hiding? And will Mina's entire plan crumble like an overbaked cookie, or can she find a way to help her family and her heart?

Number of Pages: 272

Publisher: Scholastic USA

SKU: 9781338640502